Torstone Technology Limited

Torstone Technology Limited

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Giles Lamb

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Torstone provides a sell-side post-trade processing platform for multiple asset classes which can integrate middle, back office and accounting functions or can be provided as standalone modules. The company's processing solutions help clients to reduce operational cost and decrease risk; as well as to remain adaptable to the evolving financial industry and remain compliant to regulatory changes.

Torstone was borne from a management buy-out of the software, development and support team from a leading global investment bank. As a result, all of Torstone's technology solutions have been developed with first-hand knowledge of the regulatory and industry issues faced by the sell-side. Torstone’s core product, Inferno has been developed for over 13 years both within the bank and more recently as a platform for multiple global clients.

Torstone replace legacy systems with their modern, consolidated platform. This means clients are better able to deal with the fast pace of regulatory change and change in settlement practices. The total cost of ownership is reduced because system updates are simple to make and efficiencies are significantly improved.

    Modules of Inferno include:
  • Trade capture: where derivatives and securities transactions can be captured and consolidated into one platform

  • Confirmation: Inferno determines the type of confirmation and the required delivery mechanism for equity, fixed income and derivatives transactions through a variety of different processes

  • Regulatory reporting: support provided for reporting to Approved Reporting Mechanisms and Global Trade Repositories.

  • Reconciliations: Inferno provides three reconciliation engines tailored to the requirements for cash, positions and trades

  • Collateral management: terms of the credit support annex are modelled and these, along with data on positions and cash are used to calculate collateral calls and to warn when a call is expected

  • Securities finance: Inferno allows users to book stock borrow and loan trades and their associated returns, with both cash and non-cash collateral handled

  • Corporate actions: incoming corporate action data is automatically processed and thereafter a user friendly diary and workflow system is generated

Middle office modules of Inferno include: confirmation; collateral management and enterprise data

Finance modules include: full multi-currency, multi-ledger accounting functionality including realised & unrealised P&L, FX revaluation and levelling, multiple price feeds and more

Treasury modules include: securities finance; cost of carry and delivery cash management

Torstone offer their platform as hosted (ASP) solution or in a secure private cloud which reduces costs and time to implement.