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Technology is the core of our capabilities, providing automation, speed and scalability to our services. Since its beginning, KNEIP has played an important role in regulatory technology, moving the industry forward using technology to make financial data management and reporting more efficient and trustworthy.

Our teams are among the most knowledgeable in the industry, specialising in regulation, data management, and fund distribution in the most complex market in the world: Europe. With headquarters in Luxembourg and offices in Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland and the UK, we serve more than 420 global fund management companies.

Over the past two decades, we have built relationships with regulators, digital platforms, data vendors and distributors worldwide. We are the largest supplier of fund performance data to Bloomberg, and with over a tenth of the total European fund reporting market, we are unique in the marketplace.

KNEIP is the only company with the size, track record, and capability to offer the breadth of data and reporting solutions that we do today. The competitive advantage we bring our clients comes from consistent, reliable data and reporting to regulators and the market, which frees up their resources so they can focus on their core business.
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Accuracy, availability and consistency of fund data could have a significant impact on asset managers’ reputations, says Lee Godfrey of KNEIP
Mario Mantrisi of Kneip discusses the challenges raised by AIFMD’s Annexe IV reporting and how firms can turn them into competitive advantages
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Asset Servicing Times
It’s important to understand the challenges of regulatory reporting and remember that it is not going anywhere, says Mario Mantrisi of KNEIP
Bringing complex packaged documents in to layman’s terms, PRIIPs—and the KID that comes with it—could be a perfect accompaniment to the platter of regulation. Mario Mantrisi of KNEIP explains more
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Asset Servicing Times
Another new leadership appointment at KNEIP
06 February 2017 | Luxembourg | Reporter: Stephanie Palmer
KNEIP has appointed Gary Janaway as COO, amid a wider leadership shake-up at the firm
Leadership shake-up at KNEIP
01 February 2017 | Luxembourg | Reporter: Stephanie Palmer
Bob Kneip, founder and CEO of KNEIP, is moving the position of chair as part of a re-shuffle of the firm’s senior leadership team...
KNEIP: PRIIPs KIDs a cause for concern
19 August 2016 | Luxembourg | Reporter: Stephanie Palmer
Financial services businesses are looking to technology and external consultants in order to cope with the tight turnaround on the regulation for PRIIPs, according to a KNEIP survey...
KNEIP: PRIIPS implementation time too tight
18 April 2016 | Luxembourg | Reporter: Stephanie Palmer
As many as 95 percent of affected firms are “concerned” about the time scale of implementation of the PRIIPs regulation, according to a KNEIP survey...
KNEIP appoints new head of relationship management
16 June 2015 | Luxembourg | Reporter: Becky Butcher
Tony Buche has joined KNEIP to lead the relationship management team based at its headquarters in Luxemburg...
KNEIP recruits head of new business
12 January 2015 | London | Reporter: Becky Butcher
KNEIP has appointed Keith Dingwall as its head of new business...
Kneip recruits BNY Mellon’s Jackie Dunne
15 September 2014 | Luxembourg | Reporter: Tammy Facey
Kneip has appointed Jackie Dunne as the new global head of relationship management, based in Luxembourg...
Dunne joins Luxembourg's KNEIP
15 September 2014 | Luxembourg | Reporter: Catherine Van de Stouwe
KNEIP has welcomed Jackie Dunne as its new global head of relationship management...