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Fundsquare offers unique solutions for order management, information and regulatory compliance. We offer a flexible and collaborative infrastructure to enable operational effectiveness and mutualize redundant costs across the fund industry. As a subsidiary of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange, Fundsquare operates as a fund market utility.
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Asset Servicing Times
Fund distribution is entering the digital age, and so can traditional service providers. Fundsquare’s Paolo Brignardello explains
While PRIIPs could increase costs for fund managers, the real challenge is ensuring the clients are protected, says Paolo Brignardello of Fundsquare
Seamless processes are necessary to ensure accuracy, reliability and consumer confidence when it comes to the Packaged Retail and Insurance Investment Products Directive, says Paolo Brignardello of Fundsquare
Over-zealous know-your-customer rules are a risk to financial services if left unchecked, says Olivier Portenseigne of Fundsquare
Small change can lead to big savings, but according to Fundsquare’s Olivier Portenseigne, in the funds industry, it’s a case of looking after the millions, and the billions will look after themselves
Fundsquare and Silverfinch have teamed up to take on Solvency II reporting and unite two industries. Paolo Brignardello reports
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Asset Servicing Times
The Debate: the age regulatory change
20 July 2015 | London | Reporter: Becky Butcher
HSBC, DTCC, SimCorp, Torstone Technology, FundSquare and AxiomSL give their take on accepting the age of regulatory change and how the buy and sell sides can learn from each other...
AMfine and Fundsquare launch AIFMD partnership
13 January 2015 | Luxembourg | Reporter: Stephanie Palmer
AMfine Services and Securities is pairing with Fundsquare in Luxembourg to provide an integrated system for AIFMD reporting requirements...
Fundsquare and Silverfinch unite in time for Solvency II
17 September 2014 | Dublin | Reporter: Stephanie Palmer
Silverfinch and Fundsquare have announced a partnership to provide a Solvency II regulatory reporting solution to insurers and asset managers throughout the European Union...
Fundsquare and Confluence partner up for AIFMD
20 October 2014 | Luxembourg | Reporter: Stephanie Palmer
Software company Confluence is teaming up with market infrastructure specialist Fundsquare to work towards a simplified system for transparency reporting under AIFMD...